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Rich Lehrer and Leona Schauble have been collaborating with teachers for a
number of years. Here are some of their publications:

Lehrer, R., Jacobson, C., Thoyre, G., Kemeny, V., Danneker, D., Horvath,
J., et al. (in press). Developing understanding of space and geometry in
the primary grades. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
Lehrer, R., & Romberg, T. (1996). Exploring children's data modeling.
Cognition and Instruction, 14(1), 1-43.
Lehrer, R., & Schauble, L. (2004). Modeling natural variation through
distribution. American Educational Research Journal, 41(3), 635-679.
Lehrer, R., & Schauble, L. (in preparation). Reasoning about structure and
function: Children's conceptions of gears.
Lehrer, R., & Schauble, L. (Eds.). (2002a). Investigating real data in the
classroom: Expanding children's understanding of math and science. New
York: Teacher's College Press.
Lehrer, R., & Schauble, L. (Eds.). (2002b). Symbolic communication in
mathematics and science: Co-constituting inscription and thought. Mahwah,
NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers.
Lehrer, R., Schauble, L., Carpenter, S., & Penner, D. (2000). The
inter-related development of inscriptions and conceptual understanding. In
P. Cobb, E. Yackel & K. McClain (Eds.), Symbolizing and communicating in
mathematics classrooms (pp. 325-360). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum
Lehrer, R., Schauble, L., & Petrosino, A. J. (2001). Reconsidering the role
of experiment in science education. In K. Crowley, C. D. Schunn & T. Okada
(Eds.), Designing for science: Implications from everyday, classroom, and
professional settings (pp. pp. 251-278). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum
Lehrer, R., Schauble, L., Strom, D., & Pligge, M. (Eds.). (2001).
Similarity of form and substance: Modeling material kind. Mahwah, NJ:
Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers.
Lehrer, R., & Shumow, L. (1997). Aligning the construction zones of parents
and teachers for mathematics reform. Cognition and Instruction, 15(1),
Strom, D., Kemeny, V., Lehrer, R., & Forman, E. A. (2001). Visualizing the
emergent structure of children's mathematical argument. Cognitive Science,
25, 733-773.

Ellice Forman

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> I am trying to get a hold of key studies in which researchers/theorists
> have collaborated with teachers to explicate complex teaching and learning
> processes in classroom settings, that simultaneously serve to develop and
> inspire visions of teaching excellence. I'm thinking, here, of works like
> The Construction Zone, some of the work of Paul Cobb and his
> collaborators, some of Ann Brown's work, ... . As well, we might include
> some pieces by authors like Lampert who serve as both teacher and
> researcher in such studies (a collaboration with self). I'd appreciate
> any suggestions of what might be considered key works in this genre by
> these or other authors. You can reply to me off-line, and I'll compile
> the responses into a single email for the list.
> Thanks.
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