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Re: [xmca] Peter Smagorinsky on concepts

Christine Schweighart wrote:
Perhaps you might expand 'book' or 'formal instruction' to include
'action-research' [ as articulation of concept development which
engendered  {valued/ acccomodated in collective}improvement of 'form of
living'] as a moment?? as distinct from personal sense, with some
plausibility as social 'meaning' though maybe not 'book' or 'formal
instruction' - - as 'where do these come from?' is the question that
springs out - how does academic knowledge transform etc.
Christine, I think it would surely only confuse things to include "action research" as an expansion of what is surely a well-known concept of "book learning" and/or "formal instruction." An ideal typical path of development does not "exclude" instruction which might be informal or may not use books. The point of using ideal typical concepts as a way of approaching a complex whole is not to try to include everything, but to grasp the essential nature of the whole. Imagine trying to do geometry without straight lines and circles, because we didn't want to "exclude" wiggly lines.


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