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Re: [xmca] Peter Smagorinsky on concepts

Huw Lloyd wrote:

      I can't agree, Huw. To do justice to explaining a scientific or any
      actual (developed) concept would always require holding that concept
      in mind for a protracted period of time.

Did you mean to say that, Andy?  Hold a concept?
What is it that does the holding?  I would call this the thinking process.

It's just an expression, Huw. It means that that same cloud can go on raining for a long time, generating word meanings and other actions one after another.

Seems fine to me, apart from 'book knowledge' which needs more pinning down. Huw
By "book knowledge" I mean conceptual content which orignates entirely independent of personal experience, received through social means via culturally produced artefacts. So we are talking here about an ideal-typical process of development which begins from a book, or from formal instruction, and in no way relies on personal experience.


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