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[xmca] nominations for AERA Cultural Historical Research SIG

Dear XMCA-ers,

Since many here are members of the Cultural Historical Research SIG, I wanted to let you know that nominations are open for Chair, Program Co-chair, and Secretary-Treasurer. Our nominating slate is due in mid-November, so please give some thought to nominations — self-nominations are encouraged. Program Co-Chairs serve staggered terms so that the team always contains one experienced and one new member. The new Co-Chair will be working with Elina Lampert-Shepel, who is now serving her first year.

Nominating someone is simple. All we need the person’s name, institutional affiliation and a brief biographical sketch. Please send nominations to me. 

Here are the official job descriptions:
The Chair shall be responsible for the general administration of the SIG, for ensuring that the SIG Bylaws are followed, and act as liaison between the SIG and AERA and the SIG and the SIG Executive Committee. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and at the Annual Business Meeting. The Chair shall act as parliamentarian or shall appoint a SIG member to serve in that role for each meeting. The Chair shall appoint ad hoc committees as needed. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, the Chair of the SIG shall appoint persons to assist officers, to chair committees or to carry out other work of the SIG.

Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for managing and reporting on the financial accounts of the SIG and the safe keeping of all financial documents of the SIG.

Program Co-chairs. There shall be 2 program co-chairs who are responsible for soliciting proposals, assigning reviewers, and deciding the disposition of proposals for sessions at the annual meeting. In addition, the program co-chairs plan the annual business meeting with the SIG chair. The program co chairs shall serve staggered terms so that there is always one co- chair who has served in that role in the program planning of a prior year and conference. 
Much thanks,
Chair, Cultural Historical Research SIG

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