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[xmca] Re: Mind, Culture, and Activity: An International Journal - Decision on Manuscript ID MCA-09-53

yes, I have probably removed all "name-dropping" references, APA
guidelines suggest minimal to no footnotes, so they are only parenthetical
and are removed.
As I said, Tamara submitted the final submission you made. After Tamara, I
take a round of editing and then the final edits are done by the
publisher. I spend a lot of time thinking what is needed and what is not
needed in articles and whether an article conforms to APA guidelines and
to our internal MCA guidelines.

> Mike -- attached is the one I had to ccorrect and accept. I made 4
> corrections which otherwise would have effected the meaning. However I
> did not want to mess with the rest of the text because of the the
> english corrections Tamara already made. The attached file can be
> compared to the one I mailed you yesterday (the final). I conclude,
> for example, that footnotes are gone, a paragraph in the conclusion is
> deleted, references have been removed, words have been replaced
> (changes of english which I can't judge the correctness of).
> But, if an editor has worked with it I'll accept the changes though I
> have to admit that I started to wonder whether the editor is a native
> English speaker or not...? Nothing more I can do, I just hope
> everything is ok.
> 3 dec 2009 kl. 03.43 skrev mike cole:
>> Michael is away for 6 weeks, but presumably online. i do not know
>> what transformations happened between which step and which step.
>> Tammy is not longer ucsd worker, Camille is. i will cc her and await
>> news on what/how/ to proceed.
>> Is there anything in what the current version you have before you
>> that you object to, monica?
>> mike
>> On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 4:00 PM, Monica E. Nilsson
>> <monica.e.nilsson@bth.se
>> > wrote:
>> Dear Michael -- I submitted the corrections but I am concerned
>> because the edited article has major changes (removed parts and
>> changed words) compared to the final version that Tamara worked on
>> and, as I understand it, submitted to you. I would be pleased if you
>> could make sure that it is the correct version that has been worked
>> on by someone at the publisher (attached in this mail). Why are
>> major parts removed and quite a lot of words changed since Tamara, a
>> native english speaker and grad student in the USCD communication
>> department, worked thoroughly with it?
>> Again, my major concern is that the final and correct version has
>> been mixed up with an old version...
>> Looking forward to seeing the paper in print ;-)
>> Thanks!
>> Best regards/
>> Monica
>> 16 sep 2009 kl. 22.48 skrev mroth@uvic.ca:
>> 16-Sep-2009
>> Dear Monica Nilsson:
>> 16-Sep-2009
>> It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript entitled "Creative
>> Pedagogy of Play ? The Work of Gunilla Lindqvist" in its current
>> form for publication in the Mind, Culture, and Activity: An
>> International Journal.
>> Final revised manuscripts are edited to improve the effectiveness of
>> communication between author and readers. The most important goals
>> are to improve sentence structure and to eliminate ambiguities. This
>> pertains in particular to excessive and inappropriate use of
>> references, footnoting, and parenthetical notes. When editing is
>> extensive, with consequent danger of altered meaning, papers are
>> returned by the journal Editor to the author for correction and
>> approval before type is set.
>> Thank you for your fine contribution.  On behalf of the Editors of
>> the Mind, Culture, and Activity: An International Journal, we look
>> forward to your continued contributions to the Journal.
>> Sincerely,
>> Michael
>> Wolff-Michael Roth
>> Editor-in-Chief, Mind, Culture, and Activity: An International Journal
>> mroth@uvic.ca, mroth@uvic.ca

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