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Re: [xmca] please help!

Unfortunately I do not have English version handy. In the Language and
Thinking in chapter 6. (4) pp.246-247 (In Rrussian) the concept of ZPD is
presented and explained in details in the context of relations of learning
and development in school age.

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 10:49 PM, Colette Murphy <c.a.murphy@qub.ac.uk>wrote:

> Dear All
> Please can you help me clear up a small Vygotsky-ZPD problem I have?
> I have seen several references to Vygotsky's 'first mention' of the concept
> of the ZPD being 15 months before his death (eg Meira & Lerman 2001) and
> which refer to van der Veer & Valsiner (1991) [Understanding Vygotsky] as
> their source. I can only find in the latter text a reference to "the most
> detailed description of the zone of proximal development..."
> Is there another source of reference to a "first mention" of the ZPD by
> Vygotsky?
> I am doing some work on revisiting the ZPD in the context of science
> education.
> Thansk a lot
> Colette
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