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[xmca] please help!

Dear All
Please can you help me clear up a small Vygotsky-ZPD problem I have? 
I have seen several references to Vygotsky's 'first mention' of the concept of the ZPD being 15 months before his death (eg Meira & Lerman 2001) and which refer to van der Veer & Valsiner (1991) [Understanding Vygotsky] as their source. I can only find in the latter text a reference to "the most detailed description of the zone of proximal development..."
Is there another source of reference to a "first mention" of the ZPD by Vygotsky?
I am doing some work on revisiting the ZPD in the context of science education.
Thansk a lot

Dr Colette Murphy
Senior Lecturer
School of Education
Queen's University
Belfast BT7 1NN

tel: 02890975953
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