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Colette (if I may),
Pasted below is a paragraph from an unpublished manuscript I was working on several years ago on Vygotsky and the ZPD.  Hopefully it will help.

Vygotsky's first discussions of the ZPD date to 1933; his last to 1934, the year of his death.  Thus, unfortunately, we are left with few direct references by Vygotsky to the zone of proximal development.  Chaiklin (2003) notes that Vygotsky mentions the ZPD (at least once) in eight texts.  Five of these eight texts were originally prepared as lectures; only later were transcripts of the lectures published.  Another two texts were manuscripts, both of which were published a year after Vygotsky's death.  More importantly perhaps, over half of the texts have not yet been translated into English.  Still, Vygotsky does explicitly discuss the ZPD in several works that have been translated into English.  These include three texts that have been published in complete translations:  Thinking and Speech (1934a/trans. 1987) (aka Thought and Language, 1934b/trans. 1962; 1934c/trans. 1986); Play and Its Role in the Mental Development of the Child (1933a/trans. 1967/rptd. 1977); and The Problem of Age (1934d/trans. 1998).  The ZPD also appears in Chapters 6 and 7 of Mind in Society (Vygotsky, 1978), a compilation of various works authored by Vygotsky over a four to five year span.  The editors of Mind in Society note that Chapter 6 was "from a posthumously published collection of essays entitled Mental Development of Children and the Process of Learning (1935)" (Cole, John-Steiner, Scribner, and Souberman, 1978, p. ix).  Although Cole et al. do not identify by name the source of Chapter 7, that chapter, entitled "The Role of Play in Development," was apparently taken from Play and Its Role in the Mental Development of the Child (1933a/trans. 1967/rptd. 1977).


I have the complete bibliographical info somewhere.  If you need any of it let me know.




Hunter Stephenson

Assistant Professor of Writing

University of Houston-Clear Lake


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Dear All
Please can you help me clear up a small Vygotsky-ZPD problem I have?
I have seen several references to Vygotsky's 'first mention' of the concept of the ZPD being 15 months before his death (eg Meira & Lerman 2001) and which refer to van der Veer & Valsiner (1991) [Understanding Vygotsky] as their source. I can only find in the latter text a reference to "the most detailed description of the zone of proximal development..."
Is there another source of reference to a "first mention" of the ZPD by Vygotsky?
I am doing some work on revisiting the ZPD in the context of science education.
Thansk a lot

Dr Colette Murphy
Senior Lecturer
School of Education
Queen's University
Belfast BT7 1NN

tel: 02890975953
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