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RE: [xmca] Activity concept (no "Vygotsky’s concept of Activity" detected)

Hi Anton!

I think you are absolutely right. Vygotsky did not use the word activity as a theoretical concept. The activity approach was invented by Rubinstein and Leontyev later in 1930s. However, you can read Vygotsky from different points of view. In my reading there are at least three different stages in Vygotsky's theorizing, opening three different ways to understand cultural-historical theory. 

You can download my two papers on this topic from my site:

In general, I am thinking very much in the same line with you, Anton.

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Oh, this one is pretty simple as long as "Vygotsky’s concept of Activity" is concerned:

Vygotsky just does not have any "concept of activity" as a *concept*, that's it! ;)

More precisely, Vygotsky does from time to time use the *word* 'deiatel'nost' ', indeed, but never as a *theoretical concept* of any importance for his ever changing and unfinished theory-in-the-making.


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