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Re: [xmca] Activity concept (no "Vygotsky’s concept of Activity" detected)

Oh, this one is pretty simple as long as "Vygotsky’s concept of Activity" is concerned:

Vygotsky just does not have any "concept of activity" as a *concept*, that's it! ;)

More precisely, Vygotsky does from time to time use the *word* 'deiatel'nost' ', indeed, but never as a *theoretical concept* of any importance for his ever changing and unfinished theory-in-the-making.


 From: Wagner Luiz Schmit <wagner.schmit@gmail.com>
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Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 9:26:52 AM
Subject: [xmca] Activity concept
Greetings and Happy New Year to all!!!

I may be doing a silly questions and probably someone already answered
about this, but I searched the web for something more concise and
could not find (yet):

What are the differences on the concept of Activity between Vygotsky,
Leontiev and Ilyenkov?

I will tackle some Leontiev and Ilyenkov texts from the Marxists.org
archives and I am also reading the text "Criticisms of Vygotsky’s
concept of Activity" by Andy Blunden. But I wanted to have a "large
picture view" or at least some positioning to do not get lost in my

Thank you.

Wagner Luiz Schmit
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