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Re: [xmca] Taking culture into account/Doing harm?

The Social Studies of Science community (<http://www.4sonline.org/>) does a pretty good job exploring the social/cultural character of scientific investigation. (One of their lesser known journals is 'Science as Culture.')

Are the equivalent groups studying the social/cultural basis and character of other forms of rationality? The law, for example? There is the journal Social & Legal Studies, which has "a commitment towards feminist, post-colonialist, and socialist economic perspectives on law," with interesting articles, such as this:

Tata, C. (2007). Sentencing as craftwork and the binary epistemologies of the discretionary decision process. Social & Legal Studies, 16(3), 425-447. doi:10.1177/0964663907079767

But can people point me towards more on legal rationality, or other rationalities?


On Jul 23, 2012, at 8:39 PM, Larry Purss wrote:

> I want to amplify THIS awareness that science is only one particular aspect
> of culture which is very useful for bringing objective type knowledge to
> the conversation. However, it is when we ask science to extend into aspects
> of organized activity which require other forms of inquiry or understanding
> where our mythologizing science AS the totality of world develops *stances*
> or *attitudes* or *dispositions* or *styles* of human activity which.are
> totalizing

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