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RE: [xmca] Taking culture into account/Doing harm?

Hi Gregg,
One more thing,  to tell you the truth I wouldn't be so thrilled with a bunch of academics giving my parents a pass on it because it was their cultural belief systems.  How about you?


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Obviously there are different levels of decision making.  Male circumcision is basically cosmetic surgery while female circumcision (and perhaps it shouldn't be called that) has lifelong implications.  I don't think it is a good comparison.  If male circumcision had the same lifelong implications I would say no, and be phenomenally angry at my parents - and believe they did not have the right in any way to do what they did, I am sure of that.  So why would you think many females wouldn't feel the same way.  I think it is always better to make decisions based on as much knowledge of people as possible rather than on opaque systems.
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