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Re: [xmca] book "Going Solo"

and not just America, Larry! The same thing is happening in Australia.


Larry Purss wrote:
A new book is describing some statistics that I find amazing.

I watched the author interviewed on the Charlie Rose show.
 Here is the link to the book

I'm extremely critocal of his point tof view but in this case "statistics"
seem to be pointing to what I personally believe is a disturbing phenomena.
Klinberg states 28% of all residences in the USA are now occupied by a
single person.  In the large cities the percentage is 40% of all
residences. In the largest cities such as New York fully half of all
residences are occupied by a single occupant.

This *fact*, if it can be verified, suggets something profound [and I think
profoundly disturbing] about *trends* in America.

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