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Re: [xmca] schools-without-computers-by-choice-and-conviction-that-they-dont-help-kids

On Oct 26, 2011, at 3:42 PM, Huw Lloyd wrote:

> Programming is part of a domain of articulated intentionality, of
> penetrating reality.  The issue with simplified environments is the minimal
> penetration.  One is limited to a scope that was designed for.  The spirit
> of programming goes beyond this to a deeper appreciation of processes.

I was trying to indicate the openness and range of the possible in Minecraft, which doesn't sacrifice the playfulness that I find lacking in straight up programming except for people who enjoy debugging. I do find it hard to grok programming as uniquely "penetrating reality," though. Could you explain that? Perhaps I need "articulated intentionality" unpacked as well since I see most goal driven construction efforts, e.g., to create a machine in Minecraft, as articulated and intentional.

> Embedded systems for kids.  :)   Lego mindstorms is worth a look too.
Lego Mindstorms is awful, imho, exactly because it's very hemmed in and directive.

OTOH, what about Alice? http://www.alice.org/

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