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[xmca] FW: Call for paper proposals

L1 -Educational Studies in Language and Literature
Call for Papers
Special Issue: Plurilingual and intercultural education

The L1-community has long moved away from an exclusive focus on "mother tongue education". Instead, an awareness of diversity in language use and language biographies of learners, of multilingualism in society and plurilingual repertoires of students has risen. Accordingly, monolithic conceptions of culture have been contested and inter- as well as transcultural approaches have been introduced into learning language and literature. In general, the role of languages in learning - including within all school subjects - has been realized more clearly in recent years and has lead to initiatives in teaching practices, curriculum design and research. A symposium at the IAIMTE-conference in Hildesheim this summer (June 2011) took up the theme of plurililingual and intercultural education and brought together researchers from foreign-language-education with researchers in the field of L1 and L2.

More information about this call for papers: see homepage L1 Educational Studies in Language and Literature<http://www.ilo.uva.nl/projecten/Gert/L1EducationResearch/>

Gert Rijlaarsdam | Universiteit van Amsterdam

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