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Re: [xmca] Cultural memory

Greetings Hugh,

I am new to Activity Theory as well.
Check out Cole's book "Cultural Psychology" (1996) - Chapter 9 Creating Model Activity Systems; specifically page 276,  Creating the Activity: Question-Asking-Reading (QAR).
You will find the organization of this activity most interesting.  I love the idea that 'various roles are assigned', thus giving participants a clear goal within a shared space.
Janice Birch
Simon Fraser University

On 2011-10-19, at 10:35 AM, Hugh O'Donnell wrote:

> Hi,
> Very new to Activity Theory, and I am interested in examining it
> as part of an MEd Research Project.  Of particular focus is how
> AT can help in the development literacy skills (I teach Secondary
> English) across the curriculum
> - Science, History etc. - as our new Scottish 'Curriculum for
> Excellence' broadens students'
> experiences and extends it traditional view of what is a text.
> I would very much appreciate any feedback with regard to this matter:
> I am currently reading
> through Everston's 'The Handbook of Classroom Management' and
> 'Learning by Expaning', by
> Sannino
> Hugh O'Donnell
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