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Re: [xmca] Al Andalus as a model for *{ }*

Dear Mike,
I am just encountering Borgerson's 'witnessing' and 'irreplacibility etc - and I am finding that F. Gonzalez Rey's Chapter helps untangle some sticking points  sympathetic to Borgerson who does still use  'inter-subjective' and some key terms in a way that coud be brought out differently. 

And yes - fungal mycelium - as Alan has researched them- is much more relational than a previous  rhizome metaphor.  Alan brings out  a different ontology,  and not only metaphoric  contrasts in his work, he does extend implications from his empirical scientific and uses metaphor to convey his thinking in his work and art too. 
Yes Ingold already thought so - thanks for that observation.  Curiously he is aware of Alan's work too.


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