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Re: [xmca] Living metaphor and conventionalized language


I wouldn't disagree at all. Development may, in some/many cultures, be a matter of differentiating self out of a self-other unity, but the differentiation is never total, and it remains built upon an ineliminable interdependency with others. Without others I would not eat, yet alone develop, even as an adult. I'm inclined to see LSV's focus on self-mastery as more of a growing ability to act with personal awareness and freedom in a social world, rather than a development of an encapsulated self.

Perhaps we differ - I'm not sure - in that I think sublation can be an aspect of language; language, as you write later in your message, is a way to move others, and to move self. Foucault talked of the practices of relationship to oneself as "power folded," as action on one's own actions, and of subjectivity itself as a "folding." This is one aspect of what EM calls the "action import" of utterances.


On Aug 13, 2011, at 4:48 AM, Larry Purss wrote:

> Now I'm biased to think becoming "other-directed" continues to be a central
> aspect of development.  "self-mastery may also be central as an aspect  of
> agency but I'm biased to believe self-mastery continues to be intertwined
> with being other directed.  The term "complementary" may capture this
> intertwining. It is only in our pre-occupation with the encapsulated self
> that we loose sight of the centrality of other for development.
> Martin, your exploring sublation as a concept that explores moving from
> being "in itself" to being "for itself" THROUGH OTHERS is I believe the key
> to understanding this particular aspect of consciousness.  This is NOT a
> linquistic movement [IN language].  It is IN our SHOWING [Merleau-Ponty]
> NOTICING [John Shotter] developing SKILL [Ingold] as INTRA-ACTIVITY [Karen
> Barad]. Development   IS "the movement" of intra-activity, Development
> IS the relational dance as the source FROM which subjectivity and identity
> emerge .

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