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[xmca] Toward an Ontological Account of Learning

Hi Martin

In 1999 you presented at AERA on the topic "The Ontology of Learning" [which
is on the web if you google "Martin Packer" "Jean Lave"]
 In the concluding section you summarize six different ontological tropes
that account for learning as a change of the PERSON not just a change of
You then mention that you and Jessie Goicheaia have explored these 6 tropes
in detail in an unpublished paper.

My question is if it is possible to get a copy of this paper.  Learning as a
change of the person [in contrast to learning as changing structures of
knowledge] is a perspective on learning I would like to pursue further [not
just personally but as a counsellor working in elementary public schools.]


PS On another topic of the contrast of "everyday concepts" and "science
concepts" and schools being the institution in which to develop scientific
concepts as a perspective of learning seems to be critiqued by the notion of
learning as apprenticeship where the commonalities of learning as practice
across all settings challenges the dichotomy of scientific and everyday
concepts.  Have these various perspectives on learning been brought into
"play" on this forum?
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