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Re: [xmca] "Inner Form" of Word, Symmetry, Ivanov Bateson?

On 2 June 2011 13:39, christine schweighart <schweighartgate@hotmail.com>wrote:

>  Huw,

Hi Christine,

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

>  On inner speech and 'imperative', I was influenced in this by Peter Jones
> of Sheffield Hallam. In my associations I related the procedural modelling
> attending to word meanings in the imperative in soft systems' modelling as a
> way of bringing back out already acquired and 'habituated' method - for
> collaborative inspections and consideration ( including moral)..

Surfacing models/assumptions?

>  When I mentioned 'Maturana has the social as not autopoietic but medium of
> organism' I needed to point out that the 'observer domain of the relational
> for an individual person is also already  'social' medium in relation to
> autopoiesis..

Which, to me, means that it is part of the (macro) autopoietic process.  We
use our minds as part of this survival and regenerative process.  Hence my
stress that this system is not closed.

> Which I why if I am taking this influence as making sense , the individual
> in social relations in activity ( in transformative activist stance) all are
> simultaneous - I think this is congruent with Stetsenko's 'all three
> dimensions simultaneously emerge' - that was in the article that Larry Purss
> oriented me to p484 Cult Stud of Science Education 2008 (3).

I assume this is "Sociological understandings of Conduct for a Noncaconical
Activity Theory"?

Yes, that makes sense to me.  All at once.  Tactics and strategy occur in

> In my interest in environmental education I also relate to Jay Lemke's
>  exploration of 'feeling' as a strong orientation as well as meaning - this
> is congruent with Maturana's stance of the emotional  being the ground of
> our relational orientation:). It also helps in indigenous cultural mediation
> where 'meaning' can elide .

Depends on your use of 'ground' here.  My emotional relation to, say, a
builder that doesn't show up is predicated on a logical expectation (a
social contract) and my experience with these circumstances, amongst other


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