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RE: [xmca] "Inner Form" of Word, Symmetry, Ivanov Bateson?

 On inner speech and 'imperative', I was influenced in this by Peter Jones of Sheffield Hallam. In my associations I related the procedural modelling attending to word meanings in the imperative in soft systems' modelling as a way of bringing back out already acquired and 'habituated' method - for collaborative inspections and consideration ( including moral)..
 When I mentioned 'Maturana has the social as not autopoietic but medium of organism' I needed to point out that the 'observer domain of the relational for an individual person is also already  'social' medium in relation to autopoiesis..
Which I why if I am taking this influence as making sense , the individual in social relations in activity ( in transformative activist stance) all are simultaneous - I think this is congruent with Stetsenko's 'all three dimensions simultaneously emerge' - that was in the article that Larry Purss oriented me to p484 Cult Stud of Science Education 2008 (3).  

In my interest in environmental education I also relate to Jay Lemke's  exploration of 'feeling' as a strong orientation as well as meaning - this is congruent with Maturana's stance of the emotional  being the ground of our relational orientation:). It also helps in indigenous cultural mediation where 'meaning' can elide .

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