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RE: [xmca] More laughter and learning

Mike, thank you very much for the article and the link for xmca


While learning in schools can be seen as an ‘activity of the mind
only’, transmission, tasks, etc ‘learning’ in after school clubs  seems
socio-culturally embedded influenced not only by the social interactions, but
also by the ‘institutional discourses’, this is the reason why that the
affordances of these settings might be associated with ‘play’ and ‘fun’. 

Talking from my experience (involved in an action research project
in an after school club and museums) I’ve argued that the informality
associated with this kind of experience has to do with the ‘flexibility’ of
children’s choices, interest, modes of communication, interaction, ways of
belonging … that might become the diverse ‘paths to multi-literacies’ and that
the pedagogical design has to do with an understanding of these settings as
activity systems, their affordances and social practices.

Bronya Calderon   

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