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Re: [xmca] The Interpersonal Is Not the Sociocultural

Q: What was Nietzsche, in terms of his "Discipline"?
A: Nietzsche was a Philologist.

On Sat, 3 Apr 2010, Andy Blunden wrote:


Every text has a context, a history and a speaker. To understand a text it is certainly necessary to access each of these resources. Every German speaker will know without a moment's reflection the semantic connection between Tätigkeit, Tat and tun, but I find that few German speakers are aware of the history of the concept from Herder to Fichte to Hess to Marx. It is possible to exactly what Marx is talking about in Theses on Feuerbach, even though Marx never explains what he means by Tätigkeit, because we know the history of the word and who Marx was talking to at the time and the context of Germany after the suppression of Hegelianism. Key words like Tätigkeit have to be studied, and I find that this study is as necessary for German speakers as it is for Anglophile monoglots like me ... especially if they believe that "there is nothing outside of the text" :).
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