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Re: [xmca] Play and the Owl of Minerva

Ineresting paper, Martin.

I liked the suggestion of "concept" being an approach to the
study of "situation," rather than the other way around. I agree.

Also appreciate the "prototype" approach. Am I right, I
think this idea comes to us from the Schleiermacher/Bahktin
route rather than the Hegel/Vygotsky route? A powerful
approach, which I think needs to be integrated with
approaches with an Hegelian heritage.

Pity about Vygotsky being lumped with Piaget and thrown in
the Cognitivist basket. And pity that the guy who wrote the
Science of the Concept in 1813 is skipped over as if he
never existed.


Martin Packer wrote:
.. this wonderful paper by Eleanor Rosch. She is famous for
her work in the 1970s on prototypes; in this paper she takes
head on the problems that cognitive science has in actually
specifying what a concept is, and she recommends that we
need to rethink our views of both mind and world:



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