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[xmca] udpate on History / Social Studies debacle in Texas

Shortly before the January meeting of the Texas State Board of Education, Mike posted a message on the effort to remove Thurgood Marshall and Cesar Chavez from the curriculum in Texas. I've been following this very closely, and I sent a response that these specific efforts would not succeed, but there is plenty of other alarming mischief coming down.

The SBOE met again last week on this, and it's gotten even more appalling. (I'm tempted to apologize to non-US list members; but the ramifications of US politics are global, unfortunately [ I give my own Social Studies students an editorial by a European arguing that the whole world's population should be able to vote in our elections: 1) because they all suffer the consequences, and 2) because they pay attention and know more about the issues than voters do in the US ].

Anyway, for those who are interested, you might want to look at


This is directed more at coverage of the travesty than the travesty itself, but it includes links with the information about what transpired last week in Texas.

Tony Whitson
UD School of Education
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 are obliged to read the same story everywhere"
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