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Re: [xmca] Learning Sciences / Science of Education

My copy of Sfard's book has just arrived.

The back cover has a [lone] blurb in which Paul Cobb writes:
"The publication of this book is an important event in the learning sciences."

As for my responses to points in this thread (the thread now posted at https://tw-curricuwiki.wikispaces.com/xmcaLearningSciences ) : I'm afraid I've had to suspend working on that in favor of work I'm doing on deadlines. I will get back to it someday, and let people here know in case there still is interest.

Jay's MCA review is quoted on the Amazon page for Sfard's book.

On Wed, 16 Sep 2009, mike coole wrote:

re transfer. The recent Sfard book reviewed in MCA and the old 1983 LCHC
article on culture and cognition both take up this issue in ways
antithetical to the cognitivist paradigm. Jean was an lchc co-author of the
article at the time.

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