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[xmca] Yaroshevskii - "Perezhivanie and the drama of the development of personality"


I already tried to obtain this paper from East View, and they do not have 
any way to find and send. Somebody here could give me any notice about it?
Any library that have this journal, that I can write for?

 M. G.   Yaroshevskii, "Perezhivanie i drama razvitiia lichnosti (Poslednee
  slovo L. S. Vygotskogo" [Experience and the Drama of the
  Development of  Personality (Vygotsky's final word)], Voprosyfilosofii #3 
(1993): 82-91.   

I guess that are  only this 9 (nine) pages, but I don't now about availability.
Is not so distant in time.

Can you help me, one more time?

Thank you very much.
>From Brazil.

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