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Re: RE : [xmca] Fwd: FW: The New Science of Learning


2009/9/13 Mike Cole <lchcmike@gmail.com>:
> Yes, Rahn, that would be an interesting question. You might start with the
> origin of the term, learning sciences, perhaps the first issue of that
> journal,
> and see what new ideas are proposed.
> mike
> On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 10:08 AM, Rahm Jrene <jrene.rahm@umontreal.ca>wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Building on previous comments, I would like to know more about what
>> distinguishes the field The new science of learning from what we had before
>> or still have, like situated cogntion, distributed cognition, practice
>> theory.... or simply cognitive science as a field, etc. and what is the
>> relation between the new science of learning and sociocultural-historical
>> theory. Is it useful to have more divisions? Jrene
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