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Re: [xmca] Project Based Learning

Andy, I think the Schultz book will be relevant to your interests. I think our paper would also be relevant. In a nutshell: we argue that the what's authentically the "problem" is the problematic that is actually motivating (in the CHAT sense, not the psych sense) the activity of the participants, regardless of what the PBL "problem" is supposed to be. This would apply to Projects as well, and as well to "difficult children."

On Fri, 4 Sep 2009, Andy Blunden wrote:

The stuff I'm more intrigued with is what I saw only many years ago with "difficult children," or whatever the current euphemism is, where teenagers selected their own project and worked on it all year ...


Tony Whitson wrote:
Andy, I think you'd be interested in

Spectacular Things Happen Along the Way: Lessons from an Urban Classroom (Teaching for Social Justice) by Brian D. Schultz

I think what happens there is "Project Based Learning" in priniple. I would be skeptical of anything by that name presented as some kind of cookbook "method."

Although this is the other PBL, you might be interested in an AERA paper by Eugene Matisov, John St. Julien & myself:
The Quest for ?Authenticity? in Problem-Based Learning:
Reflections on PBL in Pre-Service Teacher Education Courses  at
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