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RE: [xmca] Project Based Learning

Maybe it would be important to define Project Based Learning.  I assumed that Andy was talking about the type of learning for instance promoted by Reggio Emilia (for younger children) and Perhaps the (early at least) Dewey school at the University of Chicago (which seemed to have influenced Reggio Emilia).  In this form of Project Based Learning it is the students who initiate the project, based on their everyday experiences (this is where Reggio Emilia brings Vygotsky in a little bit I think).  Whether the project continues is based on the continuing interests of the students, with the teacher serving as a facilitator.  For older students the projects usually have a connection (but are not determined) by needs in their world and the community.  For younger students the interest is more hedonistic.  One early childhood project I wrote about was in an infant and toddlers class, based on construction, and it went on for months is a very fascinating manner.
Is this what you meant Andy?


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Hey Andy:

I have been in schools that utilize this and have seen mixed results. When
a very powerful PTA assists in the organization of a project and parents
spend their time tying up loose ends I have seen $25,000 playgrounds
built!  Students were incorporated into the project in various ways and
then they earned school credits based on portfolios that documented both
their participation as well as the progress of the project.  I have also
seen gardens become overgrown and left untended.

Here is a great website that provides insight into a specific project
based learning initiative:


A very worthwhile endeavor for helping to build social skills, teamwork
and a sense of craftmanship.

Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net>
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Can anyone give me an opinion on the value of Project-Based
Learning. Does it work (in other than privielegd schools)?
What are the main criticism?

Andy Blunden (Erythrós Press and Media)
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