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[xmca] Fwd: [Air-L] New Interdisciplinary Social Science Journal

Seems like this may be a relevant outlet for many xmca members.

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From: jose marichal <marichal@callutheran.edu>
Date: Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 11:51 AM
Subject: [Air-L] New Interdisciplinary Social Science Journal
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I want to announce the formation of a new interdisciplinary journal, The
Journal of Integrated Social Sciences (JISS).  We are particularly
interested in manuscripts that take a systemic view of ICT's and their
impact on society.

JISS attempts to provide a platform that fills the void of a unified
approach in the social sciences. Our hope is that students and professionals
alike will take advantage of this new outlet for their ideas and quality
work, to be shared with others, thereby bridging the isolation that often
exists between the various social disciplines. We are therefore particularly
interested in interdisciplinary and/or holistically oriented projects and
invite you to share such investigations with the rest of the scholarly

>From the Journal's Mission Statement:
A major focus point of JISS centers on the concept of "transformations". We
do not see the world as a static, unmoving entity. Rather, social nature is
developmental and thus transformative in its characteristics. Hence, we
especially encourage authors with a key interest in examining how phenomena
transform to submit their research. We are especially interested in those
works that share a wide perspective for analysis and synthesis — i.e. on
what the nature of the "whole" is. This approach stands in opposition to
elementaristic observations that focus on parts, which without their
relation to the whole phenomena become artificial and meaningless. We
believe that works aimed at capturing the dynamics, fluidity, and synthesis
of individual and social phenomena are all too often underrepresented in
scholarly journals.

Please consider submitting a manuscript, or encouraging a promising student
to submit their work.

For more information on JISS, visit the website <http://www.jiss.org/> at
For information on submitting a manuscript<http://www.jiss.org/submissions/
visit www.jiss.org/submissions

Jose Marichal, Ph.D.
Political Science Division Editor
Journal of Integrated Social Sciences

josé marichal, ph.d. | assistant professor | political science department |
california lutheran university
60 w. olsen road | #3800 | thousand oaks, ca  91360

josemarichal.synthasite.com | blog: contexts.org/thickculture |
twitter.com/marichal | 805-493-3328
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