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[xmca] TCRecord: Engaging Parents Beyond the Parent Conference

There are several articles of interest here for xmca members. See especially
commentaries on Dewey and anth of ed (for my taste, maybe not yours!!)

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Subject: TCRecord: Engaging Parents Beyond the Parent Conference
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 Outspoken Indigenes and Nostalgic Migrants: Maori and Samoan Educating
Performances in an Aotoearoa New Zealand Cultural
by Ilana Gershon & Solonaima Collins
 This article compares how a Samoan and a Maori cultural group rehearse and
perform in a competitive New Zealand's secondary school cultural festival.
The author offers an ethnographic study of how democratic citizenship is
framed by indigenous and migrant students in this arena of civil society.

 From John Dewey to an Anthropology of
by Ray McDermott & Jason Duque Raley
 A commentary on the special issue.

 Toward a Comprehensive System of
by Edmund W. Gordon & Michael Rebell
 A commentary on the special issue.

 Book Reviews
 A Conception of Teaching<http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentID=15673>
 by Nathaniel L. Gage
reviewed by Greta Morine-Dershimer
 Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a
Cure <http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentID=15671>
 by Dr. Paul A. Offit MD
reviewed by Bertram Chiang
 Design Thinking. Innovation lernen - Ideenwelten öffnen
 by Hasso Plattner, Christoph Meinel, and Ulrich Weinberg
reviewed by Frederik G. Pferdt
  After Ed This Week
 The Voice features authors speaking about their work. This week, English
teacher Damion Frye, author of "Engaging Parents Beyond the Parent
Conference by Using a Shared 'Parent
using an innovative tool--homework for parents--to fully engage
parents in student learning. Video produced by Simon Doolittle. For more
videos on educational topics, visit After Ed <http://aftered.tv>.
 The Autism Conundrum <http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentID=15641>
by Gil Eyal
The author of this commentary shows how the debate about the costs of
educating autistic children has its origins in the interstitial position of
autism between the ethico-economic models of illness and retardation.
  Media Sensationalization of Social Science Research: Social Networking *In
*sites <http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentID=15642>
by Aryn Karpinski
 Pros and cons exist in publicizing findings from exploratory conference
presentations such as posters. Studies have shown that media reports about
conference presentations of exploratory work, predominantly in medicine,
often omit basic study facts and limitations. The social sciences appear to
suffer enormously from media misreporting. The current commentary discusses
this topic and the general media sensationalization of exploratory social
science research, using one such study that examined the relationship
between Facebook and academic performance as a case example. The commentary
also notes the media and research community's response to the example
exploratory study and media hype, and provides suggestions for future
research acquired from a graduate researcher's venture into the field of
technology and education, specifically social-networking sites and
education. Although conclusiveness may never be attained, the impact of
social networking sites on college student lif e should be investigated
comprehensively through respectful cross-discipline collaboration and
collegiality between novice and experienced researchers.
 Call for Proposals - NSSE Yearbooks to Join
by Gary Natriello
The editors of TCR announce a call for proposals for future volumes of the
NSSE Yearbooks.

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