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Re: [xmca] AERA 2010 CALL FOR PROPOSALS ­ Cultural-Historical Research SIG

Thanks Kevin--

Since LCHC has to be in Denver in any event, we might consider a
couple of different

We here at LCHC are REALLY interested in the role of practicum courses
in undergrad education.
We have a couple of abstracts ready to roll. Anyone else interested in
this topic??

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 7:49 AM, O'Connor,
Kevin<kevin.oconnor@rochester.edu> wrote:
> (with apologies for double-postings)
> AERA 2010 CALL FOR PROPOSALS ­ Cultural-Historical Research SIG
> ***Deadline for submission: JULY 15, 2009***
> Dear CH-SIG members:
> We would like to encourage you to submit proposals for papers and symposia
> for inclusion in the 2010 CH-SIG program at the AERA Annual Meeting, to be
> held in Denver, CO, from Friday, April 30­Tuesday, May 4, 2010.
> This year¹s Annual Meeting theme, Understanding Complex Ecologies in a
> Changing World, is central to the work of the members of our SIG.  We
> strongly encourage your submissions, as the quality of our program depends
> on the strength of the proposals that we receive.  Also, keep in mind that
> the number and type of sessions allocated by AERA to each unit are based in
> part on the total number of proposals received by the unit - so please
> submit your proposals to our SIG!   You can view this year¹s call for
> proposals at http://www.aera.net/Default.aspx?id=7588
> As most of you are probably aware, there have been some important changes in
> AERA program procedures this year.  These are summarized in the following
> paragraphs.  A more complete summary is available at
> http://www.aera.net/Default.aspx?id=7738 , which we strongly encourage you
> to read prior to submission.
> First, there is an earlier submission deadline than for past meetings.  THIS
> YEAR'S SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS JULY 15, 2009. All proposals must be submitted
> electronically through the AERA Online Proposal Submission System, which is
> now open at https://www.aera.net/AALogin.aspx?ReturnURL=/WS/UpdateAA.aspx
> Second, the number of paper/symposium sessions available at the Annual
> Meeting overall has been decreased by about 30%, and the emphasis on
> roundtable and poster sessions will be increased. We will do our best to
> accommodate the preferred format of accepted proposals, but please do
> understand that the number of traditional paper and symposia sessions will
> be somewhat limited in comparison to past Annual Meetings.  We encourage you
> to consider whether alternative formats might also be suited to your
> presentation, and to indicate this in your proposal.
> Third, and possibly related to the above, roundtables will now be held in 90
> minute sessions, 3 presentations per session, with a chair/discussant.  This
> seems to hold the potential for related individual presentations to be
> grouped together into sessions that resemble a symposium format.  As program
> chairs, we are interested in exploring the possibilities of this session
> format.  Please feel free to communicate with us if you¹d be interested in
> such a format.
> Finally, the new guidelines for individual paper, roundtable, and poster
> sessions require submission of a ³narrative paper² of 2000 words or less,
> and not simply a ³proposal to write a paper.²  While this might appear to be
> a major change from past practices, we want to emphasize that the guidelines
> state that this paper ³may be a final or preliminary paper,² and that the
> final paper need not be submitted until 3 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.
> We expect to be generous in our interpretation of ³preliminary,² especially
> during this transitional year.
> Please feel free to contact us for clarification of any of these procedures.
> We hope that you will consider our SIG when preparing your proposals.
> We hope to hear from you!
> Lois Holzman <lholzman@eastsideinstitute.org>
> Kevin O'Connor <kevin.oconnor@rochester.edu>
> Cultural-Historical Research SIG Program co-chairs
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