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Is there anyone at lchc that could set up a Wiki for us?
Wiki is a tool designed for a lage number of people to
independently add content to a site. Wikipedia has proved
how powerful it can be.


Mike Cole wrote:
> That part of our skype conversation is likely to obscure to xmca-ites David.
> So a little background and thanks for the encouragement.
> David and I, after discussing our intrepretations of the passages in LSV
> chapter 5 about goal.task.action.activity.......... talked a little about
> xmca
> discourse. I repeated something I have said before and which we are trying
> to "improve upon" in the xmca facility -- the tendency of the conversations
> to
> "slide" sideways, as new features of a topic come up combined with the the
> fact that many topics come up, over a period of years, repeatedly, but what
> was achieved in terms of explication at time n is no longer remembered at
> time n + x. There are some tools to deal with these issues, and David
> suggested on, the uses of a concordance program. We will look into it.
> But David also raises another issue which we are seeking to address by
> adding a straightforward "links" action to LCHC. In just the past week, the
> Korean site that David tells about included, we have learned of interesting
> sites from Derek, and I tripped over the site at Bath where there was a
> discussion recently about Leontiev that was webcast, even, and where members
> of XMCA knew it was going on even as we discussed the issues
> and no one mentioned it! Like kiddies engaged in parallel play, disguised as
> grownup thinking theoretically and engaging in international collaboration.
> Perhaps XMCA-ites could help out by sending to xmca varous links they
> think would be good to bring together. Seems like ISCAR would be the right
> aegis under which to place all of this.
> Any ISCAR officials listening in? Any suggestions.
> Interesting comment about Sausure and Voloshinov, thanks David.
> mike
> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 5:57 PM, David Kellogg <>wrote:
>> Mike:
>> You sounded a little discouraged. Let me show you something. It's mostly in
>> Korean, but I think you will like it anyway:
>> As you can see, it's a very big cafe style website: many rooms, lots of
>> material, and many different functions. Among other things it does this:
>> a) It's a major means by which the work of MCA and xmca gets translated
>> into Korean and disseminated in Korea.
>> b) It is a vehicle for the "Institute of Progressive Education", founded
>> and funded by the Korea Educational Workers Union (recently legalized and
>> just now being unlegalized by the new Yi Myeongbak dictatorship).
>> c) It's the main place where our Thinking and Speech translation group
>> meets while I am here in America with my wife.
>> But I didn't set it up.To tell you the truth, I discovered it quite by
>> chance, through one of my grad students, only about a month ago. It was set
>> up back in April by militants of the KCTU, the Korean Confederation of Trade
>> Unions.
>> Like any cafe frequented by busy workers, it's a bit of a complexive mess.
>> Alongside the work of Michael Cole (lovingly translated into Korean by the
>> director of the Institute of Progressive education, Bae Hicheol, who teaches
>> third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders in a single classroom school up in
>> the mountains of Kangwando) there are ruminations about Desmond Morris and
>> the Naked Ape that would make you cringe.
>> There are even things that make me cringe, like the invidious comparison
>> between Yrjo Engestrom's work with Finnish primary education and our own
>> work (we've got TEN times the population!)
>> But this is the power of complexive thinking! When one branch runs into a
>> dead end, you almost always find some offshoot flourishing. Volosinov
>> thought that was a GOOD thing, not a BAD thing.
>> And yes, Volosinov really LOATHED Saussure; one of the things he liked to
>> point out was that if Saussure's view of language was correct, any breakdown
>> in the system would render ALL of the other elements meaningless.
>> Fortunately, complexive thinking is not like that.
>> dk
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