[xmca] A Conference Announcement

From: Lois Holzman <lholzman who-is-at eastsideinstitute.org>
Date: Fri Aug 31 2007 - 18:00:14 PDT

Hi All,

I wanted to let everyone here know about a conference Iım part of convening:
Performing the World 4 (PTW) 4: The Performance of Community and the
Community of Performance (October 12-14, 2007, Tarrytown NY). Its topic and
participants are international and broader than, but inclusive of, CHAT. Iıd
love to see some of you there ‹ thereıs a lot to learn and teach among this
crowd (as those of you on this list whoıve participated can attest).
This is the fourth PTW gathering. Since the first in 2001, the world
community of activist performers has grown. The international performance
movement is at an important juncture, poised to enter a much larger arena of
international conversation on issues of citizenry, globalization,
international poverty, humanitarianism, peace, sustainability,
participation, collaboration, social entrepreneurship and cultural
creativity. The performance community has grassroots, outside-the-box
perspectives and practices to bring to these dialogues. PTW4 brings together
practitioners, researchers and theorists across cultures, disciplines and
social problems as performance and development are about to enter the milieu
of dialogue on ³big issues.²
You can learn more about it (topics, presenters, location and registration,
etc.) at www.eastsideinstitute.org <http://www.eastsideinstitute.org> .
Please pass this along to anyone interested.


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