Re: [xmca] intersubjectivity, deception, perhaps also theory of mind

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    Possibly two books worthy of browsing: The Practice of Everyday
Life (Certeau) and Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society
(Detienne & Vernant). A key idea here is that of metis.

Ed Wall

>Dear XMCA-o-philes........
>Our visitor Minati has engaged me in working with her on kids playing a
>complicated game. What we have is a running
>transcript of the narrative and observational notes (no videotape). From
>preliminary analysis, we want to talk about the players
>establishing joint attention and intersubjectivity (they are both attending
>to the game, they know the rules, etc.) but they are both trying to win and
>engage in clearly deceptive behaviors.
>We have been looking for a literature that combines intersubjectivity,
>deception, and perhaps theory of mind. The Machiavellian
>intelligence literature ought to have it, but we have not found it (and we
>are talking humans here, not chimps, and 8-16
>year old humans, not infants).
>Can you provide us with any pointers of to look?
>mike (& Minati)
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