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A search of the IUB website turns up his participation in a workshop as
a visiting scholar in 2004. Here is some bio I found:

Oliver Curry is a post-doctoral Visiting Scholar at the Workshop in
Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University. He is also a
Darwin who-is-at LSE Research Fellow in the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and
Social Science, London School of Economics. Oliver is interested in
evolutionary explanations of behaviour, especially human social
behaviour. His PhD thesis was on the evolution of human moral
sentiments. The thesis used recent developments in evolutionary game
theory, animal behaviour and evolutionary psychology to provide a
comprehensive framework in which to understand human moral
decision-making. He is currently working on turning some of the
predictions that evolutionary theory makes about human moral psychology
into tractable experiments, and putting them to the test.

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On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, Bruce Robinson wrote:

... > On the other hand
> perhaps we shouldn't take it too seriously as "he carried out the
report for
> men's satellite TV channel Bravo."

I think that's right: the report itself can't be taken seriously.

but it seems to me folks here have been more interested in the
that hawe provided such a reception for this. Lexis/Nexis and Google
it's being reported quite a bit around the world. Jay Leno used it in
monologue on the Tonight show last night in the US (although his joke
about the "coffee-colored skin" prediction, and Jay did not mention the
subspecies" idea.

The "researcher" Oliver Curry was at Indiana University in 2004, I
Maybe Don knows somebody who knows the story about that.

I have a link to a paper he gave there on my blog. I may add other stuff

there soon. I'll also put up the cites for the only 2 things of his in
ISI Web of Science. They are both under 2 pages; brief book reviews, I
assume. You can see my blog entry with the links at
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