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Date: Thu May 11 2006 - 15:40:36 PDT

Hi Katrina-- Very timely question.
If you go to you will
find several papers that address your
question. I am not sure when you joined xmca, but we have been trying to
collect materials about different conceptions of
zopeds. These include an article by Seth Chaiklin critical of non-Russian
appropriations of LSV's ideas and some papers that
someone things might be relevant to clarifying uses of the concept. Seth
specifically talks about leading activity and social situation
of development.

One difficulty in this discussion is that LSV's writings about SSD in
English are very sparse and his writing that includes the idea of leading
activity was published much later than the work that made him well known.
The appropriate refences in English are in the Chaiklin article.
The concept of leading activity is better known in the US through the work
of Elkonin and Leontiev. Shortly you will find an article by Griffin
and Cole posted on that XMCA site that deals with leading activities and the
concept of a zoped.

Perhaps you know of more materials that members of xmca should be reading.
If so, please send them to and they
will be posted for discussion.


PS-- My colleagues at UCLA have a seminar at this moment discussing exactly
these issues. Hopefully they will respond. I will probably be
more or less silent for a couple of weeks because I will be out of the
country and probably disconnected from email.

On 5/11/06, Katarina Rodina <> wrote:
> Dear Mike and everybody else,
> It is well known that at the core of the developmental idea of LSV and his
> cultural-historical approach lies the concept of social situation of
> development" (SSD), leading activity" (LA: was more used in the USSR
> after Vygotsky) and age-related psychological novel formations" as well as
> the ZPD. I miss some discussions and analysis in western research
> discourse about this central vygotskian idea (the only exception is ZPD),
> e.g. the sociocultural approach to learning and development. Do you know
> any articles that analyse Vygotsky`s SSD or LA ( cultural-historical
> understanding of development in ontogeny)?
> What's the principal difference between SSD" and LA" in ontogeny?
> Thanks in advance,
> Best greetings from Norway
> Katarina A.Rodina
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