[xmca] LSV`s developmental idea

From: Katarina Rodina (katarina.rodina@isp.uio.no)
Date: Thu May 11 2006 - 15:17:44 PDT

Dear Mike and everybody else,

It is well known that at the core of the developmental idea of LSV and his
cultural-historical approach lies the concept of social situation of
development" (SSD), leading activity" (LA: was more used in the USSR
after Vygotsky) and age-related psychological novel formations" as well as
the ZPD. I miss some discussions and analysis in western research
discourse about this central vygotskian idea (the only exception is ZPD),
e.g. the sociocultural approach to learning and development. Do you know
any articles that analyse Vygotsky`s SSD or LA ( cultural-historical
understanding of development in ontogeny)?

What's the principal difference between SSD" and LA" in ontogeny?

Thanks in advance,

Best greetings from Norway
Katarina A.Rodina

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