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From: Dale Cyphert (
Date: Wed Feb 08 2006 - 08:49:42 PST

Well, hey....since we need a topic, I've got a question that's been
bugging me for a while.

Is there an educational theory or literature that speaks to the issue of
training a whole community, as opposed to the education of individual

I am teaching in rural Iowa, where the collectivist values are strong
and peer influence is the primary mode of instruction. The end result
is a sort of learning by osmosis. As an instructor I often feel that I
have almost no influence on individual students, but there is a
discernable effect on the overall level of knowledge over several
semesters. I call it "teaching the tribe" but I wonder now and then if
there is anything I could really learn about how to do it better.

Some of the consequences are interesting, and I'm suspicious that they
aren't unique to my university.


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Phil Chappell wrote:
> Here is the reason for the quiet, from xmca IT expert BJ:
> "Weber was hacked, email has been a mess for two weeks".
> Maybe without the folk from UCSD here we can kick start a discussion?
> The last topic of any substance was word meaning, sense and concepts,
> with a paper from Peter S.
> Or maybe a new thread before the next MCA voted article? I still
> haven't got my Luria book/DVD - anyone care to comment on what they
> have experienced from either/both?
> Or maybe our efforts will be in vain due to hacks.
> Cheers,
> Phil
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