[xmca] Artifacts, Tools, Classroom and AERA

From: bb (xmca-whoever@comcast.net)
Date: Wed Jan 18 2006 - 08:41:48 PST

Hi Folks,

Somewhat appropriate to the current discussion of the MCA paper is one that
I'm writing about for aera concerning complexity, communication, and
development with, and in, a first grade classroom, and with which I'm
expecting to face some problems in conveying the data. Below is a link to a
panoramic photograph so that future readers may get a grasp on the physical
setting. Not so much to toot my own horn, but to share in the primary data
that will not easily be seen in a written form, nor on the overhead projector
that aera is expected to supply. It's a large file, ~1.2Mb, so consider
loading only if you have a fast connection. A scroll bar will appear at the
bottom of your browser, from which you may look left and right around the
room, at the eye-height of a typical first grader.

Well supplied, the library (in the corner to the right of the yellow counting
chart) holds many books that the teacher has personally bought, a practice
that is not uncommon for elementary teachers. Scroll all the way to the left
and the teachers desk will (not) be seen to the right of the red rug. It is
behind some shelves that obscure it from view, and is located between the
door and the rug.

The photo is about a year old, taken in January 2005.


(Thanks Jason, for prompting me to think about posting this, and the aera
reviewers, for noting the problem.)

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