Re: [xmca] Artifacts, Tools, Classroom and AERA

From: bb (
Date: Fri Jan 20 2006 - 14:50:07 PST

> Hi all,
> it is easy to slip into a discourse that separates tools and
> artifacts from other things, which happens here, too. We then think
> in terms of "effects" that one thing has on another--but effects
> imply causal relations, which are quantitative rather than
> qualitative, which they need to be if they mediate. . .

Oh, cause and effect are not strictly quantitative. Engage in this thought experiment. Suppose I stick you with a pin and you say "ouch". The action of sticking with a pin is arguably the cause of the action of uttering "ouch", and there is no quantitative relation necessary, unless perhaps I repeat with needles of increasing size.


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