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From: Jennifer Vadeboncoeur (
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 15:24:08 PST

Thanks to Mary for volunteering to coordinate a discussion, or
co-construct an on-line discursive space [textual space], that allows
us to delve into Leiman and Winnicott's ideas about object relations.
I have to admit that I have a big void where thoughtful study of this
topic could be and years of resistance to most things Freudian and
psychoanalytic. I'll need a friendly guide to lead the way. Looking
forward to it - Best to all for 2006 - jennifer

>At some point I offered to coordinate a discussion around an article this
>coming year. At various junctures I have speculated about connections to
>fields that I try to work across, and Jonna has suggested some excellent
>So I will offer to coordinate a discussion, perhaps when the UCSD course is
>done, or to dovetail with that, drawing on Leiman and Winnicot, on
>continuities and discontinuities between CHAT and object relations theories.
>Happy 2006 XMCA'rs!
>PS> I am not actually sure what it means to "coordinate a discussion" here.
>Isn't that reassuring! However, and maybe, in light of that, I am very happy
>to do that. Performance before competence (thanks Prof. Cazden) has been a
>longstanding motto for my professional practice/s.

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