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Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 09:46:28 PST

At some point I offered to coordinate a discussion around an article this
coming year. At various junctures I have speculated about connections to
fields that I try to work across, and Jonna has suggested some excellent
So I will offer to coordinate a discussion, perhaps when the UCSD course is
done, or to dovetail with that, drawing on Leiman and Winnicot, on
continuities and discontinuities between CHAT and object relations theories.

Happy 2006 XMCA'rs!


PS> I am not actually sure what it means to "coordinate a discussion" here.
Isn't that reassuring! However, and maybe, in light of that, I am very happy
to do that. Performance before competence (thanks Prof. Cazden) has been a
longstanding motto for my professional practice/s.

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> You can start from his article 'The concept of sign in the work of Vygotsky,
> Winnicot and Bahtin' in the 1999 'Perspectives on Activity
> Theory. Learning in doing...' (Cambridge University Press) book. The article
> is placed in the fourth section on 'Theraby and addiction', but it is a
> fully theoretical piece.
> Have a look at
> You can find e.g. a full version of his article 'Toward Semiotic Dialogism:
> The role of sign-mediation in dialogical self' was in Theory and Psychology
> in 2002, from the web page

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