[xmca] This really isn't typical, guys

From: Carol Macdonald (macdonaldc@educ.wits.ac.za)
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 11:08:19 PDT

I have never seen any sexism on this list before, and I truly believe that
the great people I met at Sevilla are embarrassed by the language of this
posting. We all have a real contribution to make, so please don't go away.
If you are really are still brassed off, write to me personally, and blow
off steam....:) (And you know that "guys" is now a gender neutral term,
don't you!)

Shame on you Ricardo!


On 10/28/05 8:00 AM, "Ricardo Japiassu" <rjapias@uol.com.br> wrote:

> The most part of article is a predictable critical review of Leontiev¹s
> Activity, Counsciousness and Personality - not because Dr. Setsenko¹s
> thinking cannot go beyond the obvious rather present an original approach
> activity but, in my point of view, because she preffers to be a ³good

Misogynist sexist objectification of any author or their work is absolutely
unacceptable on this list.
If we are ever going to move forward in this field towards a body of
knowledges that is anything other than over-determined by a particularly
gendered history this kind of signifying practice can not be condoned.
You have almost managed in practical terms to have a private men's club,
with a few women relegated to the wings. If this really is the intent, then
be clear about it and the rest of us can move elsewhere.

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