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Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 11:19:04 PDT

Hi Mary,
I empathize with the feelings, but I was wondering wheter we are
misinterpreting Ricardo. There may be issues related to the fact that he is
writing in a second language, and that the translation does not sound good,
although he did not intend to objectify. Ricardo, could you clarify?
That said, why do you say that xmca has been a men's club? Sounds strange
for a group of ex-collaborators and incoming followers of Sylvia Scribner...

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On 10/28/05 8:00 AM, "Ricardo Japiassu" <> wrote:

> The most part of article is a predictable critical review of
> Leontiev¹s Activity, Counsciousness and Personality - not because Dr.
> Setsenko¹s thinking cannot go beyond the obvious rather present an
> original approach to activity but, in my point of view, because she
> preffers to be a ³good girl².

Misogynist sexist objectification of any author or their work is absolutely
unacceptable on this list. If we are ever going to move forward in this
field towards a body of knowledges that is anything other than
over-determined by a particularly gendered history this kind of signifying
practice can not be condoned. You have almost managed in practical terms to
have a private men's club, with a few women relegated to the wings. If this
really is the intent, then be clear about it and the rest of us can move

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