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Hi Byron,
I am not in the USA, but I must confess that I have an opposite view: I have
always loved the unmoderated nature of this group and have liked the
politics when they appear. In some cases, indeed, the culturalist discussion
has been grounded on politics and in some others the culturalist discussion
has triggered political reactions. Not always voices agree (in politics or
in Vygotsky), and that's one of the things I have loved of it. And it's not
always politics here: should we exclude then the ads abouts jobs and
fellowships, the comments on the consequences of Katrina, the issues of race
and education, and many others? How can we talk about Luria without
referring to political repression? Limits are not clear and for that reason
fixing borders is not only complicated but imposible, maybe.

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As I understand the discussion groups purpose, it is an opportunity to
dialogue and explore the complex nature of the human mind in its cultural
and historical contexts. Politics are inextricably bound to this
discussion. However, I don't find the discussion group the appropriate
platform for political 'daggers' surrounding the war. There are strategic
and intentional wars where body counts and resources measure success or
failure. There are also fractured and unintentional wars within our young
population for purpose, encouragement, and value. An earlier xmca
participant explained he was more concerned with the underlying issues
surrounding hate than an opinion about a book. I offer the same rationale
with the country of Iraq vice the state of our youth.
I do not intend to defend President Bush and his politics -- I simply
request that the discussion group send me email that relates more to xmca
than to whether or not we should be a nation at war.
If this norm is acceptable to the group, than I will humbly unsubscribe and
say thanks for the discussions I've had the chance to 'lurk' in. The group
has a wealth of great minds and contributes a valuable body of work -- my
opinion of that remains the same.
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Subject: [xmca] in case you missed it

a higher resolution pdf version of this cartoon is available at p

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