[xmca] LSV: Thought and language

From: Wolff-Michael Roth (mroth@uvic.ca)
Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 18:40:05 PDT

Hi all,
in all of the discussion about Vygotsky and language here on this list,
I have been lurking and wondering about the following points:

1. Why does nobody talk about those who took Vygotsky's work further--I
mean in the sense that Yrjö called the work first generation AT, and
the Leoton'evs (A.N & A.A.) second generation, and the current efforts
third generation. Why don't we discuss on this list the subsequent
developments, why do we think we have to go back to LSV?
2. In all of the discussions, I have not seen a single time the word
"dialectics". And yet LSV uses it in his Chapter 1 of Thought and
Language, and he articulates a number of dialectical relations in the
chapter. Why is there no discussion about this?
3. Felix Mikhailov provides an interesting discussion of language,
self, reality, etc. that builds on the work of all the giants preceding
him, including LSV and ANL and AAL. Why do we not discuss his writings,
which are dialectical and which take us away from the primacy of the
word, this singular focus on something that Derrida called
phallogocentrism (logos=word).
4. Why do we not discuss the relationship of meaning and word meaning
and the thing subsequent authors call activity, the unit. . . I guess
we could talk about the unit and its relevance to do the kind of work
we do?

Just some questions. . .


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