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So what do we have to say about Education in the Public Interest, Ana?

On 6/2/05, Ana Marjanovic-Shane <> wrote:
> It's that time again! To plan for our next program. PLEASE start creating
> sessions, soliciting papers, sending paper proposals or poster proposals...
> Ana
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> *From the E-Mail Box of the Executive Director*
> *Important Opportunities and Calls*
> June 1, 2005
> Dear AERA Members:
> June 1 not only is a good proxy for the start of the summer season but
> also is "Opening Day" for submitting proposals for the 2006 Annual Meeting.
> Although the 2005 Annual Meeting is just barely behind us, we are already
> looking ahead to a meeting of excellence on April 8-12, 2006 (Saturday
> Wednesday). With the theme, *Education Research in the Public Interest*,
> and a Program led by Chair William Tate and President Gloria
> Ladson-Billings, please hone your good ideas and submit proposals for
> consideration by Divisions, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and Committees.
> The *2006 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals* is posted on the AERA
> website at, and is printed in
> the May issue of the *Educational Researcher*, also available online. The
> online submission closes on August 1 and 2, depending on receiving unit.
> Please prepare your papers and plan your sessions well ahead of the
> deadline. Also, the online submission system is available for proposals for
> Professional Development and Training Courses, as specified in the Call.
> Planning an Annual Meeting of the size and scope of AERA's starts well
> over a year in advance. To assist in our planning for 2006 and beyond, we
> are actively seeking information about the experiences and views of Annual
> Meeting registrants. All Meeting registrants (who have provided e-mail
> addresses) will be receiving soon the *2005 Annual Meeting Survey*. It is
> a short, anonymous survey that will assist us in learning directly about
> attendees' views and preferences to facilitate our future planning. We ask
> all members who were at the 2005 Annual Meeting to help us by a response.
> I also wanted to call to your attention and seek your help with other
> important AERA activities that might fit your interests or those of others
> you know. First and foremost, please spread the word that *AERA is
> partnering on new Postdoctoral Training Initiatives with the American
> Institutes for Research (AIR) and the Educational Testing Service (ETS)*.
> The deadline for the first competition is June 15, 2005, with a summer
> review and the opportunity to commence postdoctoral appointments as early as
> Fall 2005. A description of these initiatives and the applications are on
> the website at
> Lastly, I want to mention the *Call for Handbook Proposals in Education
> Research*. As announced on the AERA website, the Association is launching
> a new series to be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. The first
> deadline for Handbook proposals is July 1, 2005. The Call for Proposals
> and the Guidelines for preparation of proposals are on the AERA website at
> This initiative operates under
> the auspices of the AERA Books Editorial Board chaired by Cherry McGee
> Banks.
> These four activities in many respects capture what the Association is
> doing to serve its members and the field of education research. A vibrant
> Annual Meeting, a robust publications program, building research capacity in
> the next generation of scholars, and seeking your feedback and guidance in
> the process (through, on this occasion, a survey) are activities at the
> heart of AERA. Please note these deadlines and heed these Calls.
> Warm regards,
> Felice
> Felice J. Levine, PhD
> Executive Director
> P.S. Please check the AERA website at
> for an important Summer Sale of
> the CD-ROM set of all AERA journals in electronic searchable form (inclusive
> through the 2000 volume year).

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