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It's that time again! To plan for our next program. PLEASE start
creating sessions, soliciting papers, sending paper proposals or poster

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*/Important Opportunities and Calls/*



June 1, 2005


Dear AERA Members:


June 1 not only is a good proxy for the start of the summer season but
also is "Opening Day" for submitting proposals for the 2006 Annual
Meeting. Although the 2005 Annual Meeting is just barely behind us, we
are already looking ahead to a meeting of excellence on April 8-12, 2006
(Saturday - Wednesday). With the theme, /Education Research in the
Public Interest/, and a Program led by Chair William Tate and President
Gloria Ladson-Billings, please hone your good ideas and submit proposals
for consideration by Divisions, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and


The *2006 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals* is posted on the AERA
website at http://www.aera.net/annualmeeting/?id=695, and is printed in
the May issue of the /Educational Researcher/, also available online.
The online submission closes on August 1 and 2, depending on receiving
unit. Please prepare your papers and plan your sessions well ahead of
the deadline. Also, the online submission system is available for
proposals for Professional Development and Training Courses, as
specified in the Call.


Planning an Annual Meeting of the size and scope of AERA's starts well
over a year in advance. To assist in our planning for 2006 and beyond,
we are actively seeking information about the experiences and views of
Annual Meeting registrants. All Meeting registrants (who have provided
e-mail addresses) will be receiving soon the *2005 Annual Meeting
Survey*. It is a short, anonymous survey that will assist us in learning
directly about attendees' views and preferences to facilitate our future
planning. We ask all members who were at the 2005 Annual Meeting to help
us by a response.


I also wanted to call to your attention and seek your help with other
important AERA activities that might fit your interests or those of
others you know. First and foremost, please spread the word that *AERA
is partnering on new Postdoctoral Training Initiatives with the American
Institutes for Research (AIR) and the Educational Testing Service
(ETS)*. The deadline for the first competition is June 15, 2005, with a
summer review and the opportunity to commence postdoctoral appointments
as early as Fall 2005. A description of these initiatives and the
applications are on the website at http://www.aera.net/fellowships/?id=57.


Lastly, I want to mention the *Call for Handbook Proposals in Education
Research*. As announced on the AERA website, the Association is
launching a new series to be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates,
Inc. The first deadline for Handbook proposals is July 1, 2005. The Call
for Proposals and the Guidelines for preparation of proposals are on the
AERA website at http://www.aera.net/publications/?id=708. This
initiative operates under the auspices of the AERA Books Editorial Board
chaired by Cherry McGee Banks.


These four activities in many respects capture what the Association is
doing to serve its members and the field of education research. A
vibrant Annual Meeting, a robust publications program, building research
capacity in the next generation of scholars, and seeking your feedback
and guidance in the process (through, on this occasion, a survey) are
activities at the heart of AERA. Please note these deadlines and heed
these Calls.


Warm regards,




Felice J. Levine, PhD

Executive Director

flevine@aera.net <mailto:flevine@aera.net>



P.S. Please check the AERA website at
http://www.aera.net/publications/?id=385 for an important Summer Sale of
the CD-ROM set of all AERA journals in electronic searchable form
(inclusive through the 2000 volume year).






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